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MIMCO is an Australian Label Started in Melbourne by Amanda Briskin in 1996.   MIMCO constantly produce sleek designs and flawless styles with something for almost everyone in store.


Right Now MIMCO has a wonderful collection Worth checking OUT!  MIMCO are a little boutique design house who make only the best of everything to produce a tight and sort after collection of Jewellery, Accessories, Handbags and Shoes.
The last three pairs of heels i have purchased have been from MIMCO, I have gone back for more as each time the shoes have been of a really good quality and made for comfort at the same time as being very beautiful and in smart contemporary style.


It fills me with confidence when a label puts out a select few designs rather than literally a few hundred.  A limited range speaks volumes of the product quality and suggests a great deal of energy has gone into making one of the pieces.  The designs that make it to the ‘shop floor’ are the best of many ideas narrowed down and streamlined into the strongest designs .  As is the case with the designs in MIMCO. I would buy almost all the shoes in a MIMCO season and this is saying a lot.   They make a few heels, a few flat lace ups styles, a few sandals and  ‘ballet slipper’ styles .
I have spoken highly of MIMCO handbags before.   The handbags  MIMCO make are always really beautiful with solid forms, gorgeous colors and are wonderfully finished with luxurious patients, interesting textures and beautiful design features.  Their HANDBAGS  and CLUTCHES will sup-prize and excite you if you are a handbag lover like me.  MIMCO recreate  their best HANDBAG styles each season revisiting their proven and long enduring styles with new season colours and moods which is something I really appreciate. When it comes to something as stedfast as a HANDBAG design you know and trust.. who wants to loose a good thing when it wears out?   I love the fact I can go and repurchase the same design bag that I love from MIMCO just recreated and refreshed in the season’s new colour pallet.
Each new Season MIMCO makes a  collection of various sized HANDBAGS…  so there is something for everyone. As far as the Handbag I prefer.. well  I like to use a really compact vessel.  Not tiny, just petite like me. I definitely like to be able to fit everything into it that I may need, including a hairbrush wallet or purse and a fair stack of makeup. And I need a strong and Good Looking bag that can carry all of this, at the same time as looking really sharp everyday.   The other imperative factor is that I knock my bag around. I literally like to use the same bag day in day out so it needs to last and be genuinely strong.  The latches and rings and design features need to be enduring, wear well and never fail. I have long forgone that idea of ‘ow yes i will transfer the contents of my handbag into this one or that one to suit my outing or dress style’… no I just need a HANDBAG  that can cover every base.  MIMCO makes this sort of bag.. Bless them!
MIMCO also make a stunning and fairly large range of costume jewelry and hair accessories.  From sweet disco earring to sheik headbands and combs. Its always a Bold, Fun and sometimes really Stunning collection of accessories.  Full of colour sparkle and pizzaz.    MIMCO make these amazing plastic diamontie inlayed earrings and it’s the unique pieces like these, that you won’t find anywhere else that will keep you coming back and wanting more.

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